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Renting cars in Latin America for over 10 years
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We compare rates to offer you unparalleled discounts and exclusive quality. Welcome to the best car rental service in Orlando, FL.

Enterprise car rental fleet available in Orlando, FL.

At Miles Car Rental you can choose the most suitable Enterprise car for your Orlando adventure. Compare features and select from a wide range of Enterprise cars: vans, SUVs, compact cars, luxury cars, convertibles, and more. Book your ideal car based on the space you'll need and the roads you'll travel. Book now to enjoy discounts of up to 35%!

With over ten years of experience in the market and a rating of 4.8/5 backing up our excellence, it's safe to say that booking through our website is the best choice. On top of all that, we provide tons of exclusive benefits: Unlimited Mileage, Basic Roadside Assistance, Payment at destination, taxes included, and more. Don't wait any longer! Rent a car with Enterprise today and explore the US with freedom and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions about car rentals with Enterprise in Orlando

Check out the answers to the most common questions about Enterprise car rentals in Orlando with Miles Car Rental. Wondering about rates, requirements, or where to pick up the car? We're here to help you out! Rent today and hit the roads of the US with confidence, enjoying high quality at affordable prices.

01. How much does it cost to rent a car from Enterprise in Orlando?

The price to rent an Enterprise car in Orlando starts from USD $10 per day. Remember that this price may vary depending on the type of car, the travel season, rental duration, and any additional service you may require.

02. What is the cheapest type of car I can rent with Enterprise in Orlando?

The most affordable car you can rent in Orlando with Enterprise is the Nissan Versa from the Compact category. The rental price starts from USD $10 per day. Keep in mind that this rate may vary depending on the season, rental duration, and additional services.

03. Does Enterprise Rent-A-Car offer pick-up and drop-off services at Orlando International Airport (MCO)?

Yes, Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers the option to pick up and return your rental car at Orlando International Airport (MCO). Remember that when you book with us, you can also choose the one-way option, allowing you to drop off your rental car at a location different from where you picked it up.

04. Can I rent an Enterprise car by the hour in Orlando?

Yes, you can rent an Enterprise car by the hour in Orlando, Florida. Please note that hourly rentals have the same cost as renting the car for a full day.

*Prices based on data from the past 12-24 months. Prices may vary depending on the season and availability.

User reviews about Enterprise Rent-A-Car Orlando

Check out Enterprise Car Rental and other top-notch agencies:

Miles Car Rental is the preferred partner of the world's best rental agencies! Besides Enterprise Rent a Car, we offer you the chance to book with renowned companies such as Avis, Budget, Hertz, Alamo, and more. We compare tons of options to offer you exclusive prices. Select the perfect car for your journey on our website, with your favorite agency, and enjoy all our amazing benefits. Explore Orlando your way, with Unlimited Mileage and Basic Roadside Assistance.

*Prices based on data from the past 12-24 months. Prices may vary depending on the season and availability.

Enterprise Car Rental in Orlando Airport and other locations

Find the perfect car closer to your destination! Rent an Enterprise car in Orlando and other nearby locations through Miles Car Rental. We give you access to multiple strategic locations in Florida's City of Parks. When registering your reservation dates, choose the location where you want to pick up and return your rental car. Also, keep in mind that by activating the one-way option for an additional cost, you can pick it up in one city and return it in another.

How many Enterprise locations are there in Orlando?

Enterprise stands out with a strong presence in Orlando, Florida, featuring 16 strategic rental locations near airports and key tourist destinations. Let's highlight four preferred branches based on customer feedback. These locations are recommended for their diverse car selection, ranging from vans and SUVs to compact cars, convertibles, pick-ups, and more. Explore our website to rent the perfect car and uncover exclusive deals and benefits tailored just for you.

  • Orlando International Airport (MCO)
  • Downtown Orlando North Quarter
  • Kissimmee
  • Rosen Centre/International Drive

What's the address to the main Enterprise rental locations in Orlando?

Let us guide you to the main Enterprise locations in Orlando – conveniently placed near all the action and hotels. Renting with us means easy access and flexibility for picking up or returning your rental car. Choose the most convenient location, book through Miles Car Rental, and hit the road to explore the United States at your own pace!

  • Orlando International Airport (MCO): Find Enterprise's counters on level 1 of Terminals A and B at 1 Jeff Fuqua Boulevard. There's also a counter on level 6 of Terminal C, exclusive for dropping off the vehicles.
  • Downtown Orlando North Quarter: Located at 35 East Colonial Drive, just north of the Central Business District.
  • Kissimmee: Find the rental location at 2793 N Orange Blossom Trail, conveniently close to Kissimmee.
  • Rosen Centre/International Drive: This location is inside the Rosen Centre Hotel at 9840 International Drive.

And here's the best part – when you book with Enterprise, you get Unlimited Mileage. Drive through Florida and beyond with 0 worries. Just remember to return the car on time to the chosen location to avoid any extra charges.

Directions to Enterprise's main locations in Orlando

Get to the key Enterprise locations in Orlando with our detailed instructions:

  • Orlando International Airport (MCO): No need to step outside the airport to reach this location. Right after you get off the plane, head to level 1 of Terminals A and B, where you'll find the rental counter. An additional counter is also available in Terminal C on level 6, just in front of Starbucks. Please note that this counter is specifically for returns and not for pick-ups.
  • Downtown Orlando North Quarter: Nestled in the northern part of Downtown Orlando, a short stroll from I-4, at 35 East Colonial Drive. If you're arriving at Orlando Airport, hop on Lynx bus route 11, get off at the E Livingston St and N Magnolia Ave stop, and take a short walk to the location.
  • Kissimmee: To easily reach this location, use Interstate 441 as a reference and look for number 2793 on the N Orange Blossom Trail stretch. You can also get to it using Lynx bus services; take routes 42 and 108 from Orlando International Airport, get off at the N Orange Blossom Trail and Tropical Lake Dr stop, and complete the remaining distance on foot to the branch.
  • Rosen Centre/International Drive: You can access it by taking International Drive either from Sand Lake Road or from Martin Andersen Beachline Expy. Additionally, you have Lynx route 111, which takes you to the branch from Orlando International Airport to stop 23 - Days Inn/IHOP, a ten-minute walk from the Rosen Centre hotel, where you'll find the location.
How many locations does Enterprise Rent-A-Car has in Orlando, Fl. Addresses to the Enterprise rental locations in Orlando Directions to the Enterprise rental locations in Orlando
*These prices are subject to change and may vary depending on the season, the vehicle size, the rental duration, the car rental agency, the coverages you select, and other optional services.
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