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Renting cars in Latin America for over 10 years
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We search through thousands of options to bring you the best prices for car rentals at Universal Studios.

Best car rental deals at Universal Studios Orlando

Rent a car at Universal Studios Orlando, explore this spectacular theme park, and connect with the rest of the city within minutes. During your visit to Universal, forget about waiting for buses, paying high costs, and traveling without comfort: a rental car gives you the comfort and autonomy you deserve!

Choose free mobility without sacrificing savings: at Miles Car Rental, we offer discounts of up to 35% on car rentals at Universal Orlando. On top of that, we add Basic Roadside Assistance, Unlimited Miles,Payment at destination, and many more benefits to your reservation. Make a smart decision on this trip to Florida: save time, money, and create unforgettable memories. Book now and have a wonderful experience!

Frequently asked questions about renting a car at Universal Studios

Clear your doubts and rent the perfect car with peace of mind! Trust is crucial for us, which is why we give you all the information you need to have an amazing experience. Enjoy Universal Studios with a rental car – it will be your best ally!

01. How much does it cost to rent a car at Universal Studios, FL?

The price for renting a car at Universal Studios Orlando starts from USD $8 per day. However, this price may vary depending on various factors, such as the type of car chosen, additional services included in the reservation, or the travel season.

02. Which car rental agency offers the lowest prices at Universal Studios?

The car rental agencies with the most affordable prices for renting a car at Universal Studios are:

  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Alamo

With these companies, you can rent a car with rates starting from USD $8 per day to fully enjoy the City of Parks.

03. What do I need to rent a car at Universal Studios Orlando, FL?

Here are the requirements to rent a car at Universal Studios Orlando:

  • Be over 25 years old.
  • Have a valid driver's license from your country of origin, with a minimum one-year validity and an expiration date printed.
  • Credit card in the name of the reservation holder with sufficient funds for the rental fee and security deposit.
  • Valid passport.
  • Printed voucher to prove that the reservation was prepaid (if you are a foreigner).
  • Round-trip airline tickets.

When picking up the car, you need to present all requested documents in physical format. Also, keep in mind that some requirements may vary depending on your country of origin; we invite you to check them through our Chatbot.

04. How much does it cost to rent a car for a week at Universal Studios?

The average price to rent a car at Universal Studios Orlando for a week starts from USD $56. However, this price may vary depending on the type of vehicle chosen, the travel season, or additional services included in the reservation.

*Prices based on results from the last 12 - 24 months. Prices may vary according to the season and availability.

User reviews on car rentals at Universal Orlando

We work with the best car rental agencies at Universal Studios!

When renting a car to explore Orlando, there is no greater assurance than trust. That's why we collaborate with the most prestigious and recognized rental agencies in the United States. On our website, you'll find multiple options to choose the rental company and the car of your preference. Additionally, with us, you won't overpay for the best service because we have the lowest prices in the market! The magic of Universal is waiting for you!

*Prices based on results from the last 12 - 24 months. Prices may vary according to the season and availability.

Car rental fleet available at Universal Studios

Renting the ideal type is key to have a trip full of comfort! Choose the perfect car for your adventure at Universal Studios and get ready for some fun! Cruise the streets of Orlando, turning heads in a luxury car, or explore Florida's famous outlets with your family in a spacious SUV. Every situation calls for a different vehicle, and at Miles Car Rental, we have them all for you! Compare, choose, and save by booking on our website.

Thinking about renting a car at Universal Studios? You can also find one in nearby locations:

We're in the most important areas of Orlando to make renting the perfect car easy for you! Rent a car on our website, pick it up at the location that suits you best, and drop it off wherever you prefer. In addition to Universal Studios, you can find us in the most visited tourist spots within the City of Parks. Pack your bags and enjoy one of the most fun cities on the planet!

What to do at Universal Studios besides the theme parks?

At Universal Studios, fun is guaranteed! In this section, we'll tell you all about the best park attractions that you can't miss during your visit:

  • The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter: This themed area recreates every little detail of Hogwarts. Enjoy a spectacular roller coaster, a giant dragon spitting real fire, and a train ride to Hogsmeade, the only completely magical village in Britain!
  • E.T. Adventure: Explore the intergalactic space of one of the most famous extraterrestrials in cinema. Ride a bicycle through the cosmos and discover aliens!
  • The Simpsons Ride: In this attraction, you can simulate a trip through Springfield, where you'll encounter iconic locations from the series like Moe's Tavern to enjoy an incredible Duff beer. Are you ready to toast with Homer?

What to do at Islands of Adventure?

Universal Studios is packed with amazing adventures for everyone's journey! The theme park has something exciting for tourists arriving in Orlando daily. Here are some tips to make the most of your magical experience beyond just entering the main parks:

  • Stay at Universal and enjoy exclusive benefits: Universal has 8 resorts equipped to provide facilities and accommodation comfort to all its visitors and for all budgets. The hotels are located close to the main attractions of the theme parks and offer guests various benefits, such as exclusive hours to enjoy activities without the long lines caused by daily visitors.
    • Hard Rock Hotel.
    • Loews Royal Pacific Resort.
    • Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort.
    • Loews Sapphire Falls Resort.
    • Loews Portofino Bay Hotel.
    • Universal's Endless Summer Resorts - Dockside Inn and Suites.
    • Universal's Aventura Hotel.
    • Universal's Endless Summer Resorts - Surfside Inn and Suites.
  • Go shopping and enjoy quality time with your loved ones: The official park store awaits you! The Universal Studios Store is a spacious shopping center where you can find all the special and unique mementos of your visit that will transport you to Orlando every time you see them. In this huge space, you'll find Harry Potter's official magic wand or his iconic scarf; you can buy an exact replica of the famous Blue Raptor from the Jurassic Park universe, an official E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial collectible, or Transformers' scale model cars. Memories will be everlasting with these collectibles!
  • Enjoy their water parks: A different attraction within the Universal parks is Volcano Bay, a space dedicated to water fun that offers different slides, mechanical attractions, and themed pools that guarantee total fun. You can also stay there, as the park has cabins available for its guests. The place is equipped with shops and restaurants to have everything you need for an unforgettable day. This alternative is quite appealing given the city's tropical climate. Dive in, splash around, and live a unique experience!

What to do at Islands of Adventure?

Universal's Islands of Adventure is one of the main sectors of the Universal complex, where you'll find a variety of events: photos and interactions with your favorite heroes, wild expeditions with dinosaurs, a massive school of magic, and multiple attractions that will stir your emotions. Your wit and bravery will be put to the test! Here are some must-try activities at this theme park to ensure you have the best experience during your visit. Buckle up and get ready!

  • The Incredible Hulk Coaster: Soar through Florida's golden skies at 107 km/h! This roller coaster, open to the public since 1999, is one of the must-visit attractions at Universal's Islands of Adventure. Inspired by the green giant 'Hulk,' it offers a thrilling ride where passengers test their adrenaline on a 1,100-meter journey with amazing twists and heart-pounding sensations. The minimum height to board is 1.40 meters, so if you meet this requirement, you can't miss this experience. Hold on tight, we're going up!
  • Jurassic Park River Adventure: This attraction is set in Isla Nublar, the universe where the events of the famous Jurassic Park film saga unfold. You'll board a boat reaching speeds of up to 80 km/h while escaping multiple dinosaurs threatening to catch you in their large jaws. The interactive experience is exciting, and your adrenaline will reach its peak as you escape from a powerful Tyrannosaurus Rex by dropping over 25 meters. Plus, you'll get refreshed by the water splashes, always a welcome relief in Orlando's temperature. Are you ready for this prehistoric challenge?
  • Skull Island: Reign of Kong: Be careful, the giant gorilla is angry! This cutting-edge attraction in animatronics offers an incredible dark adventure in the land of the mighty King Kong. The dynamic involves a cave tour in a safari-style truck, where the rescue of your guide turns into an thrilling adventure. The place features futuristic robotic developments that will make you feel in trouble as you see huge insects and exotic species approaching you. In the end, you and your companions will manage to rescue the driver, but now you find yourselves in the cave of the angry gorilla. Are you safe? Embark on the adventure and find out for yourself!

On top of all these activities, there are other essential ones you must visit during your tour, such as Jurassic World Velocicoaster, a modern roller coaster that will take your adrenaline to the max, Doctor Doom's Fearfall, a space shot-style attraction that will lift you over 50 meters in the air at hair-raising speeds, and many more! Enjoy Orlando to the fullest, make your trip easier with a rental car, and collect unforgettable memories!

Best things to do at Universal Best attractions at Universal Orlando Top rated attractions at Universal, Orlando
*These prices are subject to change and will vary depending on the season, vehicle size, rental days, car rental agency, coverage options chosen, among other optional services.
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